SGGA Training Videos

SGG-Approach STEP 1

“The SGG-Approach Discovery” is a Q&A Discovery of Lessons that Equips All Golfers with Their MISSING Key Knowledge about SGG Swings…the Simplest Swings of the Best Golfers…that Just About Everybody Can Make !
This Discovery is the Foundation for Making Your SGG Swings
   …On Average, Golfers of All Skill Levels Realize that They Were Missing 80% of This Key Knowledge !
(18 Videos) … $67    Click Here for a Demo and…   Click Here for the Lessons List


SGG-Approach STEP 2

“Golfer Body Preparation”… Most Golfers Have Not Prepared Their Bodies to be able to Make SGG Swings !
From “The Quick 1”…(2) 30-Second Sessions, to “The Complete 5”…a 5-Minute Session of 75 Golf-Specific
Stretching-Warmup and Strengthening Exercises, You’ll Finally Be Better Prepared or Very Well-Prepared to Play
(10 Videos) … $47    → Click Here for a Demo

“SGG Swings Training Program #1” …The Simplest, Most Effective, Most Achievable “5-Minute At-Home
Basic Training Session for ALL Golfers…That They Have Never Received…AND NEED to Play The Better and
Best Golf that They Are Capable of Playing !
There are Only 2 Main SGG Swing Parts to Coord and with the 54 Putting, Short & Long Pitching, and
Full Swing Motions in 5 Minutes of At-Home Training …You’ll Achieve a Consistently SGG Swing in Less Than
90 Minutes over 3 Weeks !
(11 Videos) … $97    → Click Here for a Demo

“SGG Swings Training Program #2” …A Continuation of SGG Swings Training Program#1…
a 5-Minute At-Home Training Session for Refining Your Swings with “Swing Segment Training” and for
“Generating Maximum Power With Control”
(11 Videos) … $97    → Click Here for a Demo